Quadrant Marine Ltd. also offers construction and delivery of new vessels, built in compliance with technical specifications provided by the principal. Our Company can provide the following services for you:

  •   • Classification designs of vessels and floating objects,
  •   • Working designs of vessels and floating objects, hulls and other constructional elements of vessels,

  •   • Designs of shipyard-harbour objects and constructions,
  •   • Designing supervision,
  •   • Supervision of vessel construction in a shipyard on behalf of the shipowner and completion of other projects on behalf of the principal,
  •   • Brokerage within commercial transactions involving vessels, floating objects, vessel equipment and steel and aluminium constructions.

Our offer covers construction of the following types of vessels:

  •   • Passenger vessels
  •   • Cargo vessels
  •   • Modern fishing vessels
  •   • Barges without propulsion for carriage of dry bulk cargoes and containers
  •   • Ro-ro type barges for carriage of heavy wheeled sets
  •   • Dump and specialist barges for carriage of sand
  •   • Tanker barges of "C" and "N" types for carriage of aggressive chemical and petrochemical products with coated tanks or stainless tanks
  •   • River and river-sea (estuarial) vessels with propulsion for carriage dry bulk cargoes and containers
  •   • Technical crafts for various purposes, such as pontoons, dredgers, floating cranes, house boats,
  •   • Floating docks
  •   • Pusher-tugs, tug boats and ice-breakers